Find the perfect job in 3 easy steps

With Sittercity, it’s easy to find the perfect job for you. Here are three steps for finding jobs:

  1. Create your profile: Sign up on Sittercity as a sitter and select the right care-type for you - babysitting, nannying, pet care, companion care, or housekeeper. Once you complete your profile, you’re on to the next step!
  2. Apply to jobs: With a completed profile, you can search for a job by location and apply to those that you think would be a great fit based on your experience and availability. Be sure to check out How to apply to a job for all the specifics!
  3. Start interviewing with families: When you apply to jobs, it’s up to the families who posted the jobs to decide whether or not they are interested, so make sure your profile stands out. When you receive a message from a family, message with them on our site to set up an interview and learn more about their needs. It won’t take long to find a great job doing what you love!

Please keep in mind that Sittercity is a free online meeting venue and job board for sitters to independently find jobs posted on our website by families. We aren’t an agency that will place you in a job, but we do provide you with the tools that will help guide you in the right direction!