I'm having trouble submitting my background check

Are you having trouble submitting your background check? After four failed attempts your account will be locked.

Here are a few tips to follow while filling out your personal information:

  • Phone number: Do NOT use dashes or spaces
  • License number: Do NOT use dashes or spaces
  • Social Security number: You MUST use dashes (xxx-xx-xxxx)


If you are entering your Social Security Number correctly and are receiving an error message that there is a discrepancy, please see the following instructions for a quick and easy fix!

  1. Fill out a discrepancy form: Fill out this form (200 KB) and FAX it to Sterling Talent Solutions at (800) 433-7392.
  2. Send a note with the form: Write your name and note that you are applying for a sitter job through Sittercity.
  3. Confirmations: Sterling Talent Solutions will process your information in 4 business hours.
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