Why didn't my sitter get a badge on their profile for the background check?

When a sitter’s background check is processed and they receive the status "Ineligible for badge", this simply means that something minor has come back on their record such as a seat belt ticket or minor speeding violation, and we are unable to award a badge to the sitters profile. Only sitters with a completely clear record can receive a badge on their profile.

Keep in mind, if any major offense was uncovered on their record, the sitter would be removed from the site. You can read more about what’s included in each background check here.

When this happens the sitter is still eligible to use the site, but we definitely recommend that you reach out to the sitter directly to go over the results so you can make a more informed decision.


Please be sure to check out our Trust & Safety Center for additional important information regarding trust & safety on Sittercity.