Why didn't I get a badge on my profile for the background check?

If you receive the status "Ineligible for Badge", this simply means that something minor has come back on your record such as a seat belt ticket, minor speeding violation, accident, etc. Only sitters with completely clear records can be awarded a badge to their profile. Keep in mind, if any major offense was uncovered on your driving record, you would be removed from the site.

Being 'ineligible' to receive the badge on your profile doesn't mean you won't be able to apply for jobs using Sittercity. This is simply how our badge system works -- if any records are found, a notification is shown for three months instead of a badge. You can see an explanation of each check and what badges you can receive here.

If a result is returned on your background check that you do not believe is correct, you may try to contact the County or DMV in which the infraction occurred to inquire about it. If the County or DMV reports that the record is not correct (it shouldn't have been reported), or if you are able to get this infraction completely removed or expunged, you may file a dispute with Sterling Talent Solutions, the background check vendor that processes all background checks done through Sittercity. Disputes can be filed as instructed on your pre-adverse action letter from Sterling.


Please be sure to check out our Trust & Safety Center for additional important information regarding trust & safety on Sittercity.