Are daycares allowed on Sittercity?

Our policy for daycare centers depends on whether the center is registering as a business recruiting sitters, or as a sitter seeking child care opportunities.

Daycare centers recruiting sitters to work for them can register on Sittercity. As this is a specialized subscription, the center should reach out to us here to get started.

Daycare centers registering as a sitter to seek childcare opportunities are only allowed on Sittercity if they’re single-employee in-home centers. Out-of-home or multi-employee daycare centers are not allowed to seek childcare opportunities on Sittercity. This policy is in place because we run identity authentication on each Sittercity caregiver, and we are unable to authenticate more than one person per account.

It’s important to note that we do not verify daycare certification or licensing claims. We recommend verifying those claims directly with the sitter.

Please be sure to check out our Trust & Safety Center for additional important information regarding trust & safety on Sittercity.