Run a background check on a caregiver

You can order background checks online directly from the sitter's profile!



Select the background check that best fits your family's needs. Below are the different options offered on Sittercity by Sterling Talent Solutions.

Background Check Type Cost

Enhanced Background Check


Motor Vehicle Check


Enhanced Plus (Enhanced + Motor Vehicle Check)


(save $10!)

Basic Background Check


Learn what each background check covers here.

NOTE: At this time Motor Vehicle Record checks are not available for the following states: Alaska, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington.


Know exactly what happens next! The following is what will happen after you purchase a Background and/or Motor Vehicle check.

  1. Caregiver accepts offer: The caregiver has been sent your offer and can accept it from within their account. You will not be charged if the caregiver does not accept the offer. When the sitter accepts the offer, they will complete and submit the background check for processing. Once the background check is processed, your card will be charged (see #2 below).

  2. Caregiver info is processed by Sterling Talent Solutions: Background checks usually take 2-3 days to process, although it sometimes can take up to ten business days. Once the background check is done processing, your card will be charged and you will receive an email notification.

  3. Caregiver receives a badge: Once the check is complete, the badge will be added to the caregiver's profile if the check is clear. Badges will remain on a sitter's profile for three months from the point that a background check is completed. To understand reasons a sitter wouldn't receive a badge, read more on what background checks include.

  4. Caregiver receives a copy of the results: With the completion of the badge, the caregiver has access to a detailed copy of the report. It is up to the caregiver to share the details of their results due to the personal information on the report (such as SSN).

    NOTE: You will NOT receive a detailed copy of the background check report directly. It will only be shared with the sitter, who can then share it with you at their discretion.

Please be sure to check out our Trust & Safety Center for additional important information regarding trust & safety on Sittercity.