I'm having trouble upgrading to Premium

If you are having trouble upgrading to the Premium Membership and are receiving an error message, or it just goes to the homepage when clicking "Subscribe", this is either an internet browser issue or your card is being declined. Here are a few recommendations on what to do:
  • Try using a different browser and/or device

Sign into your Sittercity account using a different browser and/or device and select "Upgrade to Premium". When upgrading to Premium, keep in mind that you will need to select the subscription plan of your choice, and click Subscribe. It will confirm on the screen that you have upgraded and you will see a thank you message.

  • Select the "Free Basic Membership" for now

If using a different browser and/or device doesn't work, you can join on a Free Basic Membership for now, and then upgrade to Premium once your account is created. Select the "Free Basic Membership", then click Join Now to skip past this page. Next, follow the steps on the screen to finish up the registration of your account. You will then go to Account Settings and click Edit Payment Method in order to save your payment method on file and select Upgrade to Premium on the same page. Once you confirm that you have selected the Premium subscription plan you want, you can click Subscribe. This method should upgrade your account successfully.

  • Try a different credit card or contact your bank

If your card is being declined, we recommend trying a different credit card or contacting your bank to discover why it may be declined. If it's an error with your billing zip code, confirm with your bank the correct billing zip code associated with your card.

For more information, review on our Membership options for parents.