How do I update my Availability?

By setting your availability, you can let families know exactly when you're free to provide care! Simply click on Availability in the top right (on desktop) or on the Calendar icon (on iOS).

**Please note that as of 12/4/2018, Availability is only accessible to iOS and Desktop users. We are working to make this accessible on Android as soon as possible.**

 Once you're in the Availability menu, you can add, view, or edit/delete your availability.

  • Add: Start by selecting the pink + icon at the bottom of the page. From there, you can set one-time or recurring time slots. Keep in mind:
    • Availability blocks can go into overnight hours, up until 4am'
    • Overnight availabilities will be shown under the day they begin
    • You can add new one-time availability blocks up to 30 days in advance
    • Any availability blocks that overlap will be merged (for example, 4-7pm + 6-9pm will become 4-9pm)


  • View:  Simply clicking into the Availability menu will allow you to see all availability you currently have open.
  • Edit: Simply click on the block of available time you'd like to edit. From there, you can modify or remove availability by adjusting the time & choosing Save, or by selecting Delete as appropriate.
    • Please note that you can only edit one block at a time, even if you created multiple blocks of availability at once