How does Sittercity verify sitters?

At Sittercity, Trust and Safety is paramount to our every operation. We often get a question of how our sitters on the site are verified and/or vetted.

When a sitter joins our site, we use the information they provided to verify their identity using Experian. We also routinely screen through Family Watchdog (a National Sex offender database).

We do not require background checks to be completed by any member on our site, however this is certainly an option for both parents and sitters to purchase and process easily on your account! In order to see if a sitter has already completed a background check, you will want to look for a badge displayed on a sitter’s profile. If you feel you might want to process a background check on a sitter prior to hiring them, which we strongly recommend, you can find some additional information about this process here.

Because Sittercity is not an agency, we do not conduct individual interviews with sitters on our site, or check references. We do, however, put these tools in the hands of our members to utilize and empower them to make informed decisions. For some additional information on selecting the right caregiver please visit here!

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