How do I schedule an interview with a sitter?


One of the most difficult aspects of child care can be finding and connecting with the right sitter. So, setting up an interview is a critical step in the process. It’ll give you and your sitter a chance to get to know each other, align on job details, and determine whether or not it’s a good fit. With our Request to Interview feature, it's easy to create and manage interview requests!

To create an interview request, click on the pink Interview button on the sitter's profile.


From there, you can add information about:

  • The date & time you'd like to schedule the interview
  • The location of the interview (we recommend a public setting such as a coffee house, or a virtual FaceTime/Skype/phone interview). Please note, for in person interview requests, the sitter will only receive the address/location of the interview once they accept the request. The address will be shown on the dashboard of their Bookings tab.
  • Details of the job you're hiring for (number of kids, pets, pay rate, and any other pertinent details)

Once you've added all of your family’s information, you'll have the chance to review your interview request. If you need to edit anything, simply press Back in the top left corner. If all looks correct, press Send and the request will go to the sitter!

  • Please note that your interview request will expire 24 hours after you send it


After you submit an interview request, you'll receive the following notifications by email:

  • Once the request has been sent
  • When a sitter accepts or declines your request
  • If a request expires without being answered

You can view your existing requests (both confirmed and unconfirmed) by navigating to your Bookings tab. This is where you can find the phone number of the sitter you've booked!



If you need to cancel a scheduled interview, you can click into your Confirmed booking details and choose to Cancel interview from there.