Sittercity Community Guidelines

The following guidelines are in place to help each member of our community have a great experience on and off the platform.

  • We encourage to keep all communications on platform for as long as possible, for added safety
  • Communicate openly and respectfully with every member in the community
  • Connect with each other ahead of time in order to communicate the details of each booking:
    • Payment method
    • Number of children
    • Care instructions
    • Relevant care for sick children
    • Pets in and around the home
    • Pickups and drop-offs
    • Additional tasks to be completed during the booking
  • Respect each other’s time; being on-time for bookings is important and will ensure the booking runs smoothly
  • Children are expected to be cared for in a clean and safe environment
  • Be accessible to each other during the booking. Although we stress a limit on phone usage, it is important to be available for any questions or concerns that might pop up during a booking