How to ace your interview

Your interview is right around the corner! To make the most of it, follow these pro tips:


  • Be prepared: Don’t be caught off guard! Re-read the request the parent originally sent you. All details of your upcoming interviews will remain stored on your dashboard. Take note of the age of the children, and the schedule the family is looking to fill. Do you have questions for the family about their expectations? Write them down so you remember to ask them later!


  • Be on time: Whether you’re meeting the family in person or speaking over the phone, there is nothing more a family notices more than if you’re late. Being on time, and available by your phone will speak volumes to how you are diligent and dependable. Tardiness is also an important component of our Attendance Expectations.


  • Dress the part: It’s always tricky to know what to wear for an interview. However, we recommend to look professional and wear something that you will be comfortable and confident in. 


  • Promote yourself: Make sure to communicate all relative child care experiences and skills that you have. Remember, you may have skills that relate directly to childcare more than you think. Did you lifeguard in High School? Then this probably means you have CPR/First Aid training. Did you work in retail? This means that you have customer service skills and can be patient with others. Let the family know how you will be the best fit for them!